Wooly Pig Cafe

You might not want to think about the wooly pig that gave its life to make your Wooly Pig Cafe sandwich, but it tastes good enough to make you forget.

Wooly Pig Cafe is an adorable sandwich shop in the Inner Sunset/upper Haight-ish area. Their main thing is sandwiches, many with an Asian tilt – i.e. Asian tuna sandwich (lime wasabi tuna salad, fresh avocado, red onions, tomatoes, mayo & sriracha aioli on french roll) or the signature Wooly Pig (shanghai style braised pork belly, organic mizuna greens & pickled shallots on toasted challah roll), among others. They also do custom cold cuts sandwiches and specials, if the above options aren’t your thing. But they should be. The Asian tuna sandwich is really fresh, not too much tuna and the Wooly Pig tastes like the sandwich version of a Chinese pork bun. The challah bun really makes it. My recommendation: Do as I did, get a few sandwiches to go, grab some beer or wine from the market next door and have yourself a picnic at not-too-far-away Ocean Beach.

Wooly Pig Cafe // 205 Hugo St., San Francisco

Feature :: Hollow


Hollow is the definition of a hidden gem. It’s the tiniest of cafes, nestled on Irving and 15th in the Sunset where all you think you might find is authentic dim sum and Vietnamese food. But then there’s Hollow, which after visiting I might say is the cutest cafe in all of San Francisco. It’s postage-stamp sized but manages to pack a lot to its punch: coffee, tea, homemade vanilla marshmallows, cinnamon bun biscuits, Guinness cupcakes, candles, trinkets and a perfect Saturday or Sunday morning vibe.




Hollow // 1435 Irving St., San Francisco

Weekly Must Reads

Did you see photos of the Trayvon Martin protests across the nation yesterday? San Francisco and Oakland were packed in particular, as well as Times Square in New York City. I saw photos of an American flag being burned in Oakland. But I thought the most shocking were the L.A. protests. If you’ve ever lived or driven in L.A., the thought of people walking on the 10 freeway and blocking it is totally crazy. This one in particular got me:

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 10.01.47 AM

Read more on the Zimmerman trial, verdict, etc.: Six Headlines That Tell the Story

Also, everything you need to know about “stand your ground” laws.

On Janet Napolitano becoming the president of California’s struggling public higher education system: Can Janet Napolitano staunch University of California’s financial struggles?

For one particular story, the San Francisco Chronicle removed its paywall and made the story free for all readers. So you better read it. It’s about the family of Oakland A’s player Yoenis Céspedes immigrating from Cuba to the United States. “The budding baseball star had fled Cuba with these same people, in search of a prosperous life. He had split from the group and made it to America sooner — reaping a financial bounty and excelling on the game’s biggest stage — while his family took a longer and much more difficult route. Their travels included four countries, six boat rides, two trips to jail, an immigration raid, accusations of human trafficking and a dispute with a Dominican baseball agent.” Read more: The Céspedes Saga

Does it ever get old? More on the summer 2013 cronut craze, but the most in-depth I’ve seen, so I appreciate it. Sinful Synergy: How the Cronut Seduced America

Feature :: Devil’s Teeth Baking Company

IMG_3020After a failed attempt to check out Devil’s Teeth Baking Company during the week (they’re closed Tuesdays, FYI), I made sure to head out to this Outer Sunset bakery over the weekend. I had heard plenty of good things, mostly about their cinnamon rolls and breakfast sandwiches, and the place definitely didn’t disappoint.

It was pretty hectic and crowded (late Saturday morning rush, par for the course in San Francisco these days) but the line moved fast. There’s space inside and outside to hang and eat, chalk for kids to draw on the sidewalk, a cool parklet to park your hungover butt, and lots of tasty treats. I got an acai/peach juice and the cinnamon roll; both were delicious. Not the most amazing bakery I’ve been to in the city, but worth a visit if you’re out in the Sunset. Would be a perfect spot to grab some sweets/coffee/lunch and take to Ocean Beach for a picnic. They also feature “Beignet Sundays,” which remains on my to-check-out/to-eat list.

Devil’s Teeth Baking Co. // 3876 Noriega Street, San Francisco, CA 94122 // Wednesday – Monday: 7am – 4pm, Closed Tuesdays

Feature :: Monterey

This past week, I jetted off to Monterey for two days (amazing birthday gift from my boyfriend). I hadn’t been there since I went to see the aquarium when I was a wee one, so it was really fun to re-explore. Monterey itself was adorable, quite the kitschy small town, very empty in the winter. Lots of great food. It’s also incredibly close to Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove and Carmel so we got to explore and eat there as well. My favorite meal was at Montrio Bistro in Monterey: lobster mac and cheese, steamed mussels in coconut broth with lemongrass and pork chops with sweet potato fritters, greens, maple butter and bourbon jus. Plus delicious drinks. Another highlight was heading over to the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach for drinks at sunset. They have a huge patio overlooking the ocean with fire pits and blankets so you can sit, drink, eat and watch the sun go down in comfort. Amaze. Enjoy pictures below.