Outside Lands

Outside Lands 2013 Eats & Drinks

Outside Lands: Where all the best food and drink that San Francisco has to offer comes to play.


{Welcome to Wine Lands}



{Ye Olde Beer Lands sign}


{The entrance to Choco Lands}


{Are we in Candyland?}


{One stretch of food vendors. One.}


{Grilled cheese with arugula & tomato from the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen}


{Mac & cheese alert}


{Unreal :: Garlic mac from Homeroom in Oakland}


{Del Popolo pizza’s mobile kitchen}


{And Del Popolo’s wood-fired margherita pizza}

Weekly Must Reads

Getting excited for Outside Lands this weekend? Me too. Check out this helpful food truck preview from SF Weekly (but it doesn’t even come close to the number of food spots worth checking out), some beer recommendations from Dave McLean, brewmaster/owner of Magnolia Brewery and Beer Lands curator and this very, very cool article on the hackathon that will be taking place at the festival. (Think: Techies making apps while they’re there, from a density map of the grounds so you can see where is the most crowded to lengths of portapotty lines to an app that would allow audience members to collectively control a performance’s light show. So cool.

What’s behind The Washington Post sale? Some depressing numbers about the print journalism industry.

And an interesting take on the newspaper buy: Jeff Bezos and his journalists

A short but revealing letter to the editor in response to a New York Times article (also worth a read) about colleges serving less low-income students: Helping the Poor Go to Good Colleges

Friday Reads

More of the pitfalls of (the cost of) modern higher education. College Enrollment Falls as Economy Recovers

From The New York Times, a really interesting exploration of how Suni Tripathi was wrongly identified as the Boston bomber. Should Reddit Be Blamed for the Spreading of a Smear? (Also, if you still haven’t gotten around to reading the Rolling Stone story on the real Boston bomber, I strongly urge you to. It’s an amazing piece of reporting and a really interesting look into why Dzhokhar Tsarnaev did what he did. Oh, and the Massachusetts State Police photographer who leaked photos of Tsarnaev/the night of the April manhunt has been stripped of his gun and badge.)

On one newspaper’s struggle to stay alive and how they did it: California newspaper defies industry wisdom to stay alive – and prospers

From 7×7 magazine, this article on the deliciousness and uncertain future of Drakes Bay Oyster Company.

Speaking of oysters…Outside Lands is coming up! Check out the full food line-up to get your belly excited. It’s divided into 2013 Taste of the Bay Area, Chocolands, Food Trucks, Cheese Lands and Outside Lambs. How can you go wrong?

Speaking of food…check out my feature on C.R.E.A.M. (ice cream sandwich spot) in downtown Palo Alto. You’re better off picking up the print version to appreciate the drool-worthy photos paired with the article (or viewing the PDF here), but I know better than that. Read online: Cookies rule (with ice cream, too)

Daily Must Reads

This really is a must read. Turns out there’s an overlooked amendment in the immigration bill currently up for vote in the U.S. Senate that would allow the U.S. government to confiscate the Social Security taxes paid by all unauthorized workers between 2004 and 2014, even after they gain citizenship status. Read more: The small significant detail hidden in the immigration bill

Will the Supreme Court rule on gay marriage tomorrow (coinciding with the San Francisco Pride Parade coming up this weekend)? The SCOTUS blog tweeted this morning, “Tomorrow is the last #scotus day.  Same-sex marriage. History.” PolicyMic thinks it might not. DOMA and Prop 8: The Supreme Court Could Punt on Gay Marriage

It went pretty unnoticed by major media outlets, but Obama gave a major speech on climate change today. Read up on some coverage and excerpts from Rachel Maddow.

Not a read, but a must look: The New York Times’ Lens blog’s pictures of the day for June 25.

Heading to Outside Lands in SF this August? I know I am. Check out the schedule for the weekend’s performances, released today.

Daily Must Reads

Delaware is the next state in line to allow same-sex couples to get married, voting on gay marriage today.

Senate passed that pesky online sales tax. No more tax-free online shopping for stores that solely exist online (under current law, stores with brick-and-mortar locations can be subject to state sales tax)…bummer.

Steph Curry plays the game of his life, then his team loses in double overtime by six points. What in the world happened, Warriors? Ginobili daggers lifts Spurs past Warriors

Speaking of the Warriors, did you see the crazy renderings of the new SF stadium? Check ’em out here.

Outside Lands this summer is going to be out of control. The food lineup was released yesterday and I couldn’t be more pleased/excited.

This is kind of old (from May 1), but a must read regardless. I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet