Feature :: Kabuto


I hesitate to even write this feature and put it out into the blogosphere, because I feel like Kabuto is still somewhat of a well-kept secret in the city…but I guess my uncontrollable urge to share everything I eat has overcome that.

I haven’t eaten at a ton of sushi places in San Francisco, but I honestly think Kabuto is one of, if not the best place. The fish is always fresh, the flavor combinations crazy and innovative and surprising and delicious and I have never found them at any other sushi restaurant. Hamachi with a slice of pear, a mini dollop of house curry sauce and a cranberry you say? Oh, kobe beef nigiri with raspberry-infused sauce topped with half a raspberry? They do not mess around at Kabuto.

It’s strange, because such combinations are obviously an American sushi trend, but Kabuto is much more of a traditional spot than places like Umami or the typical deep-fried-everything-slathered-in-spicy-mayo-crazy rolls that people think is good sushi. I think Kabuto is excellent because it remains true to sushi’s simple roots and still focuses on fish, but adds a little extra flair to make it into their own. You also know they’re serious sushi people when pretty much the server’s only words to you are strict instructions: “No soy sauce on this one.”

PS: They take no reservations, and there are literally six or so small tables plus a sushi bar, so the place fills up quick.

PPS: I didn’t do a touch of editing on any of the food photos. That good.


Bay Area Adventures

This past week I spent time all over the bay – Santa Cruz, Menlo Park, San Francisco. With gorgeous weather and an empty stomach, you know what I did – jammed around outside all weekend, stuffing my face and taking pictures of it. I got to go to an old favorite in the city, Mamacita, which is seriously some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. And I was shown a new sushi spot, also in the city — a tiny place on Geary and 16th that you would never know about unless someone tells you to go there. I’m reluctant to share the name. It was that good. But I’m nice, so go check out Kabuto if you’re ever in the area. My favorite there was hamachi nigiri with a slice of pear and some sort of sweet mustardy curry sauce dolloped on top with a cranberry. A cranberry! On sushi! Magic.

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