Weekly Must Reads

Feel bad you’re missing out on Oktoberfest in Munich? Don’t, because beer prices there have gone up faster than inflation. (Not that celebrations anywhere else aren’t a commercial rip-off/overpriced. San Francisco’s Oktoberfest By the Bay, I’m talking to you.) The price of beer at Oktoberfest completely defies logic

There’s a record number of students taking on enormous debt in order to finance their educations. What’s the deal with the student loan system? How did it devolve into the mess it is today? Check out my cover story on local students and graduates struggling with student-debt burdens. Drowning In Debt

An interesting and timely article in light of Congress’ billion-dollar slashing of food stamp funding yesterday. Anna Roth, SF Weekly’s food editor and restaurant critic, spent a week on food stamps and wrote about it. Austerity Measures: A Restaurant Critic’s Week on Food Stamps

On the somewhat scary technology improvements in the new iPhone and other devices: Machines Made to Know You, by Touch, Voice, Even by Heart