Hog Island Oyster Co.

Don’t miss the recently revamped Hog Island Oyster Co. at the Ferry Building. You might have to wait outside in a short line, even on Wednesday evening, but it’s worth your time (plus, you can stare at the gorgeous Bay view behind you if you’re really grumpy about waiting).

Exquisite oysters, excellent drinks (I loved the Marshall Mule), salads, ceviche, mussels — oh, and grilled cheese, because why not. Sitting outside on a nice night is beautiful but the inside is great too — it was expanded and remodeled earlier this year.

Hog Island Oyster Co. // San Francisco Ferry Bldg #11A, San Francisco



If you live in San Francisco and haven’t eaten at Lolinda, stop what you’re doing and make a beeline for this Mission restaurant immediately. Though it’s dubbed an Argentinian steakhouse, you need to get to the subhead: Argentinian steakhouse with strong California sensibilities. You could do quite well here as a pescatarian or vegetarian, with delicious veggie and fish dishes (the ceviche and swordfish skewers, in particular). Though I would feel bad for them, because they won’t get to taste what might be the best pork chop I’ve ever had, the most wonderfully juicy and flavor-stuffed chorizo sausage, among other meat dishes. A small serving of chimichurri sauce comes with most dishes; I wish I could get a bucket to go to slather on everything I eat on a regular basis.

Incredible space, as well, plus quality cocktails and wine and wonderful service. (Oh, and there’s a magical bar and Mexican restaurant on the roof that is always packed but worth checking out. Though if you’re going to eat, downstairs is where it’s at.) I can’t wait to go back.

Lolinda // 2518 Mission St., San Francisco

The New Loló

IMG_8215I frequented Loló once before at its previous location on 22nd St.; the funky Mexican restaurant has since moved a few blocks away to a much larger space on Valencia  Street. It’s still funky, and it’s still delicious, plus lots of new cocktails to boot (the majority with mezcal, if that’s your thing). The tuna tacons and ceviche were highlights.

Loló // 974 Valencia St., San Francisco

Treasure Island Flea Market

If you’ve never been to Treasure Island, this monthly flea market is a wonderful first-time visit (it was for me). Lots of vintage goodies, food trucks, multiple bars with real drinks (moscow mules and vodka in a real coconut, anyone?), wineries and stunning views of the city. It’s held the last weekend of every month.

Feature: SOMA Streat Food Park


SOMA Streat Food Park is nothing new, but in my opinion, it’s vastly improved since it first opened in June 2012. Better trucks, more fun (skeetball, anyone?), a pretty expansive drink selection, lots of fun events and pretty good deals ($12 bottomless mimosas, to be exact).

It’s a really fun place to spend the day, whether it’s to watch a 49ers game on a Sunday or any given evening for dinner. My particular truck favorite this time was one I’ve never seen or heard of before: Oui Chef SF. It’s American-French fusion, done quite well. ( I recommend the crab cake sliders and truffle mac and cheese – drool upon viewing below.)











SOMA Streat Food Park // 428 11th St. (between Highway 101 & Harrison St), San Francisco

Feature :: Hard Water


Hard Water is the boozy brainchild of Charles Phan (of the Slanted Door), located at Pier 3 on the Embarcadero. It’s predominantly a whiskey bar (hence photo above) but you can order other drinks (a friend of mine swears by their Moscow Mules). They have a decent sized food menu too, though it’s not a very comfortable place to sit and eat with only bar seating. But I highly, highly recommend the baked oysters. In my opinion, a good place for a drink and a snack before heading to dinner somewhere else on the Embarcadero.

Hard Water // Pier 3, The Embarcadero, San Francisco