Sunday Reads

It’s been awhile since once of these posts – as someone who is reading the news and writing most of the day at work, it’s difficult to do more of it when I get home at the end of the day (or on weekends). But my unofficial New Year’s resolution is to read more, so here we are. A few good reads from around the web and papers today:

The power of social media, and where lines should be drawn: In a First for Spain, a Woman is Convicted of Inciting Terror Over Twitter

From ESPN: The Brooklyn Nets have reportedly signed Jason Collins, making him the first openly gay NBA player. He publicly came out in a Sports Illustrated cover story last May. Makes for interesting timing for NFL potential Michael Sam, who could be close to becoming the first openly gay NFL player. (It’s also interesting to think about their use of news media as platforms for coming out. Collins went with Sports Illustrated; Sam with The New York Times.)

What a lede: “If higher education is the engine of the American Dream, then community college is the engine of higher education.” This San Francisco Chronicle article details what would be lost if City College of San Francisco, which lost its accreditation last summer and has fought back with lawsuits since, were to shut down this July (which it possibly could). The Chronicle does this through telling the stories of five CCSF students, from a 38-year-old UPS employee who goes back to school to pursue a culinary career to a 21-year-old needing a cost-effective education to a recovering drug addict who participates in CCSF’s Second Chance program, which helps ex-offenders succeed academically. Worth a read (sorry if you’re not a Chron subscriber): Students tell how City College of S.F. has given them hope

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