I didn’t get to frequent PizzaHacker when it was a traveling one man show with owner Jeff Krupman using a makeshift Weber grill slash pizza oven to serve up pies all over San Francisco. But I did check out his new brick and mortar (conveniently located about three blocks from my apartment) and thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the za. The “Yo Vinny!” – marinated onions, pickled goat horn peppers, hot Italian sausage from 4505 Meats, Krupman’s own tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella – definitely came out on top, but “Rocket Man” – arugula, garlic, fresh mozzarella, lemon juice and chili paste topped with an egg – was a close second. Only two wine options, but perhaps they’ll expand after getting settled. They didn’t do much to transform the space, previously occupied by a Peruvian restaurant, but with a giant chalkboard wall, strings of lights and no-frills picnic tables, it’s got a charming indoor beer garden feel.

PizzaHacker // 3299 Mission St., San Francisco

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