Wooly Pig Cafe

You might not want to think about the wooly pig that gave its life to make your Wooly Pig Cafe sandwich, but it tastes good enough to make you forget.

Wooly Pig Cafe is an adorable sandwich shop in the Inner Sunset/upper Haight-ish area. Their main thing is sandwiches, many with an Asian tilt – i.e. Asian tuna sandwich (lime wasabi tuna salad, fresh avocado, red onions, tomatoes, mayo & sriracha aioli on french roll) or the signature Wooly Pig (shanghai style braised pork belly, organic mizuna greens & pickled shallots on toasted challah roll), among others. They also do custom cold cuts sandwiches and specials, if the above options aren’t your thing. But they should be. The Asian tuna sandwich is really fresh, not too much tuna and the Wooly Pig tastes like the sandwich version of a Chinese pork bun. The challah bun really makes it. My recommendation: Do as I did, get a few sandwiches to go, grab some beer or wine from the market next door and have yourself a picnic at not-too-far-away Ocean Beach.

Wooly Pig Cafe // 205 Hugo St., San Francisco

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