Feature :: La Urbana


There’s been a lot of buzz around La Urbana, the latest upscale, contemporary Mexican restaurant to hit San Francisco. As it’s described on the restaurant’s website: “sophisticated cantina-style Mexican food that draws on the best of Mexico City combined with the incredible local ingredients and talent of the Bay Area.” You get the drift. Delicious, contemporary Mexican fare, a bit pricey but totally worth it.

I loved the food (ordered only appetizers and sides, which works out wonderfully for your stomach and wallet) and drinks (they have a massive mezcal menu + various cocktails) but the space itself might be the best thing La Urbana has going on. (One of the two owners/creators is an architect from Mexico.) At the corner of Divisadero and Grove, La Urbana is a pretty big space. Really cool glass beveled doors at the entrance (and a giant “La Urbana,” the contemporary Mexico City woman, illuminated by light outside – see above and below), beautiful bar with rustic wooden shelves, beautiful tables and floor. Check out this California Home Design post for more details. Apparently, at some point they want to put in a parklet outside, a deck on the roof and transform what is now an awkward wait-for-your-table space with fold out chairs and tables into a market. Hot damn.

La Urbana // 661 Divisadero St., San Francisco

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