Feature :: Local Mission Market


Lots of blog hubbub about this new market, which opened on Nov. 5 on Harrison and 23rd in the Mission, made me want to stop in right away. They take local to the next level with an open kitchen inside the market where a ton of their food stuffs are made. (Apparently chef-partner Jake Des Voignes spent 12 hours straight butchering meat the weekend before opening, according to InsideScoop.) Yogurt, sausage, pear butter, smoked salmon – you name it. Really tasty looking stuff, REALLY expensive – but you are paying for quality (and that in-house labor!). They also carry lots of San Francisco favorites – Humphrey Slocombe ice cream, De Laz Paz and Four Barrel coffee, TCHO chocolate and the like.

The market isn’t quite full yet, with some empty shelves, but I think it’ll be great when it’s been up and running for a few weeks or so. I’d love to see some really unique beer/wine finds. I splurged on some tasty dried figs, walnut-thyme vinaigrette (made in-house), a Local Mission Market tea mixture and some fruit.

Local Mission Market // 2670 Harrison St., San Francisco

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