Feature :: Universal Cafe


Though you might have to brave a wait on weekend mornings, Universal Cafe is off the beaten bath a bit – at the edge of Portrero and the Mission on 19th and Bryant – which is nice. Oh, and it’s serving up incredibly delicious food.

The soft scrambled eggs with melted leeks, heirloom tomatoes and a generous scoop of some amazing arugula-almond pesto on top was to die for. Plus some lettuces (great salad dressing, perfect brunchy side taste) and a giant piece of toast, perfectly buttered, and you have a pretty excellent breakfast plate. I sat at the bar and watched servers make mimosas with generous amounts of champagne (always a plus) and great looking bloody mary’s with lots of toppings. Order the banana bread and you get a hunk of the stuff, toasted and served with whipped cream cheese on the side (see below). Universal Cafe for the win.

Universal Cafe // 2814 19th St., San Francisco

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