Weekend Reads

Starting this fall, Bard College applicants can submit something other than SAT scores to get into the New York liberal arts school. What’s the catch? The alternative to taking the SAT is writing four 2,500 word research papers on pre-determined topics. Will this be a successful “attempt to return the application process to its fundamental goal: rewarding the best candidates, rather than just those who are best able to market themselves to admissions committees”? Read more: Didn’t Ace SAT? Just Design Microbe Transplant Research

What’s up in the world of Google Glass? A few Bay Area techies play with the wearable tech to go beyond what Google imagined.

A really interesting, in-depth investigative piece on unintentional/accidental shooting deaths of children. Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll

In honor of the Breaking Bad finale tonight: Breaking Up With ‘Breaking Bad’ Is Hard for Albuquerque

Some food for thought on Obamacare from the New York Times editorial board. Dawn of a Revolution in Health Care

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