Weekly Must Reads

Today is Janet Napolitano’s last day as secretary of Homeland Security. Food for thought: Is a politician really suited to running the University of California? (The opposing argument/idea: Someone totally different with a fresh take is exactly what the struggling system needs.) There’s also five empty seats on the UC Board of Regents waiting to be filled (and they’ve been vacant for a year and a half).

Interesting perspectives on a possible air strike on Syria from people who hail from a “bucolic, if fading, corner of southwest Pennsylvania (that) wears its patriotism on its sleeve, shirttail and pockets.” Skepticism and Wariness in Talk of Syria Attack

What about immigration reform? The campaign to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws is still there, but lost a lot of the steam it had earlier in the summer. Rallies are also planned at 40 cities nationwide in October to try to keep the ball rolling.

Not all farmer’s markets are made equal. It’s easy to take ones as flourishing and successful as San Francisco’s Ferry Building market or any number of the surrounding ones for granted. In East Palo Alto, access to fresh, local, affordable produce is difficult to sustain but needed by the community.

Is San Francisco’s food inauthentic? This writer thinks so, and makes an interesting point.

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