Sunday Reads

This is a great piece on the gentrification of Boyle Heights in L.A. At first, it reminded me of the gentrification stories about the Mission in San Francisco, but it’s slightly different – the concept in Boyle Heights is “gentefication,” gente meaning people in Spanish and the term implying that it’s not outsiders, but rather Boyle Heights residents or residents’ children themselves who are returning to the neighborhood to revamp and “gentify.” The detail in this article is great — one source opened up a slightly hipper coffee shop than the neighborhood is accustomed to four years ago, called Primero Taza (first cup), that redubbed Americano-style coffees “Chicano.” Read more: Los Angeles Neighborhood Tries to Change, but Avoid the Pitfalls

Another Sunday New York Times story on how getting a master’s degree online through MOOC’s might be the next big thing. The premise: the Georgia Institute of Technology plans to offer a master’s in computer science next January for $6,600 (versus the $45,000 on-campus price tag). Master’s Degree Is New Frontier of Study Online

After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, there were huge waves of Vietnamese immigration to the United States — to California and San Jose in particular. Many Vietnamese refugees were well-established doctors, business people, etc. in Vietnam. But upon their arrival to the United States – without knowing the language, system or culture – they basically lost their previous professional lives and thus, themselves. One Palo Alto man – now a retired psychologist who worked at the Palo Alto VA for many years — met and helped many of these refugees rebuild their lives in the United States. Read more (written  by yours truly): Refugees honor man who helped them start over

Another must read from my own paper (I’m biased, but still) is this week’s cover story, on cyberbullying and the sometimes harmful role that social media plays in young peoples’ lives today. Really powerful, interesting and well-reported.  Power to hurt: How social media impacts our kids

I like these, maybe you will too: Around the world in food-related photos taken this week from InsideScoopSf

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