Daily Must Reads

An absolute must read on Bradley Manning that offers a totally different narrative than the government traitor/free speech martyr that we usually get. “…But the heated language on both sides tended to overshadow the human story at the center of the case. That story involved the child of a severed home, a teenager bullied for his conflicted sexuality whose father, a conservative retired soldier, and mother, a Welsh woman who never adjusted to life in Oklahoma, bounced their child back and forth between places where he never fit in.” Read more: Loner Sought a Refuge, and Ended Up in War

UC Santa Cruz announced the launch of its first online class with Coursera. It’s not a gen ed course, biology, literature or the like but instead a course titled “The Holocaust.” Interesting.

Technology has revolutionized all aspects of our lives – is eating out any different? Nope. From using smartphones to take pictures of our food and instantly share our culinary experiences with the world to hostesses checking patrons in on iPads (and then texting you when your table is ready), technology has definitely invaded the restaurant culture in many ways. From SF Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer: How the high-tech culture has changed dining

Newsweek’s cover story this week is a profile of Jill Abramson, the “queen” (executive editor) of The New York Times. I’ll be picking up a copy, but you can also check it out online: Good Jill, Bad Jill: The queen of The New York Times

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