Daily Must Reads

James Gandolfini (I almost want to write Tony) died of a heart attack on Wednesday in Italy. For anyone who watched The Sopranos, this is a heartbreaker. He was 51. If you’ve never watched The Sopranos: I highly recommend binge-watching all six seasons this weekend. Another good piece: James Gandolfini Changed TV Forever

The world lost another epic figure yesterday: journalist Michael Hastings, whose Rolling Stone article spurred General Stanley McChrystal’s resignation, died in a car crash.

A really interesting piece on writing and the evolution of technology. What would literary greats think of Twitter? The Ongoing Story: Twitter and Writing

The brave new world of 3D printing. 3-D Printers to Make Things You Need or Like

Ken Mehlman, a Republican strategist who helped on former president George W. Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign (which included opposition to same-sex marriage) “is waging what could be his final campaign: to convince fellow Republicans that gay marriage is consistent with conservative values and good for their party.” Read more: Strategist Out of the Closet and Into the Fray, This Time for Gay Marriage

The latest on immigration reform: Two Senate Republicans reached an agreement with the Gang of 8 on a plan to beef up border security, “raising hopes that the new deal could build Republican support for the immigration legislation being debated on the Senate floor.”

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