Sunday Times

I’ve blogged before about how one of my most beloved activities is waking up on Sundays without an alarm, rolling out of bed, making breakfast and coffee and leisurely reading the Sunday New York Times. A few good reads from today’s paper:

Really interesting piece on Booz Allen Hamilton, the defense company now thoroughly embroiled in the NSA/government snooping controversy. “Among the questions: Why did Booz Allen assign a 29-year-old with scant experience to a sensitive N.S.A. site in Hawaii, where he was left loosely supervised as he downloaded highly classified documents about the government’s monitoring of Internet and telephone communications, apparently loading them onto a portable memory stick barred by the agency?” Read more: After Profits, Defense Firm Faces Pitfalls of Cybersecurity

Worries about the impact of making E-Verify mandatory as part of the proposed immigration bill – mainly that requiring employers to confirm the legal status and identity of workers through a nation-wide ID system creates a “sprawling” data network with some potential civil liberty infringement issues. Fears of National ID with Immigration Bill

Wow. In the NYT magazine: Can We Imagine the Life of a Terrorist?

I don’t always know what they’re talking about, but I really love a beautifully written sports article. Spurs and the Heat Show the Rewards of Continuity

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