Daily Must Reads

A new study shows “overwhelming, bipartisan support” across 29 states for the immigration reform bill currently up for vote in the Senate, but will that translate into a passage of the bill this month? Polls: Huge support for immigration reform

On the “metastasizing” student debt crisis and why it’s everyone’s problem.

What happens to women who can’t get abortions? Diane Greene Foster, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UC San Francisco, looked at a group of women who all wanted to have an abortion but didn’t all get one in a recent study. From Mother Jones: What Happens When You Can’t Get An Abortion?

Facebook rolls out hashtags. But wait, Twitter already has those things! Well done, Facebook. From The Atlantic, meet the guy who invented the hashtag.

I somehow missed this epic one-on-one interview with Kanye West two days ago. For any fans, fans-turned-haters, non-fans baffled by his existence…it’s an interesting read. And a funny one, if nothing else. He talks about his oldest and newest albums, wearing Juicy Couture, being in love with Kim Kardashian, fighting for justice through his music. Oh, and he compares himself to Steve Jobs. Read the full interview here or a few quick quotes here.

The cronut (half donut, half croissant) has seriously blown up. Rightly so, but it’s a little much. However, this NYT photo history/evolution of the baked treat is quite enjoyable. From Croissant to Cronut. Oh, and The New Yorker even hopped on the cronut train for National Doughnut Day last week: Taste-Testing a Blackmarket Cronut

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