Feature :: Coffee Shop


Made-to-order drip coffee and sweet treats at Coffee Shop in Bernal Heights.

Ever since I found out about CoffeeShop, a postage stamp sized coffee shop with artisan coffee (sorry, I’m a sucker for it)  a few blocks away from my house, I’ve been meaning to try it. Raving Yelp reviews, a neon green exterior, the promise of tasty baked goods and 7 a.m. opening time made me know I was going to like this place. I headed over before work this morning and got a drip coffee made from Ubunto Coffee Collective beans while ogling the various baked treats, some of which are from BATCH Baking (a small baking business a woman started in 2011 after finishing culinary school).

Don’t have the time or patience for drip coffee? Don’t worry, CoffeeShop’s got you covered. Feel free to run in, fill up a cup from a large thermos and pay two or three dollars on an honor system. In my opinion, that really sets them apart from all the hoity toity snobby coffee spots in city. They’re low key but doing everything well. They also have tons of cool decorations (some made by the owner slash designer, Wilson Jones, himself) and a chalk wall you can scribble notes on if the inspiration strikes.

Also, check out this interview with Jones to find out more about the genesis of the place, the challenges of opening a small business in San Francisco, 18-hour chilled and filtered ice cubes and more: Wilson Jones of CoffeeShop. Apparently they’re working on opening up a second location on Folsom Street.

Coffee Shop // 3139 Mission St., San Francisco

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