Feature :: Falletti Foods

A few months ago, I ate at Nopalito and was pretty psyched to spend our short wait for table wandering around next door at Falletti Foods. It’s one of those amazing gourmet grocery stores where everything in sight looks special, different and delicious. Though it’s pretty expensive, it’s great for special meat, fish, prepared foods, sauces, etc. I snagged some amazing King Salmon, garlic basil sausage (homemade), Garden Creamery sorbet and some other essentials. They have so much good stuff and are obviously a San Francisco establishment, with many of their products from local places (salsas from Papalote, Emmy’s Pickles and Jams, SF-made barbecue sauces…it’s all tempting as hell and WILL break the bank. But it’s worth a trip, even if all you do is take a bunch of pictures and blog about it.

PS: There’s a Delessio bakery outpost in the back. They serve sweet treats. And Humphrey Slocombe ice cream.

Falletti Foods // 308 Broderick St., San Francisco

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