Daily Must Reads

On Monday, Connecticut became the first state to approve labeling genetically modified foods. Who’s next?

San Francisco made the front page of The New York Times this morning in an analysis of the America’s Cup cost (huge) and benefits (or lack thereof). When Billionaire Sets Rules, It’s an Exclusive Race

The director of the must-see documentary on rape in the military, “Invisible War,” wrote an op-ed that was published in NYT yesterday. Debate continues over whether or not military officials should also be the ones prosecuting their own. This seems to finally be a problem that is too visible and too large to ignore, so it will be interesting to see what action is taken/changes are made. Read the op-ed: Don’t Trust the Pentagon to End Rape

Laura Amico went solo on a start-up journalism project, founding Homicide Watch D.C. by herself in her kitchen. She writes: “My mission as founder of Homicide Watch D.C. was simple: to mark every murder death, remember every victim, and follow every case. I wanted to provide comprehensive fact-based reporting on every homicide in my city, the type of reporting the local newsrooms weren’t doing.” And she did just that. Very cool. Calm At the Kitchen Table: A Start-Up Tracks Murder in D.C.

Secret meetings are taking place all over London…about cake. You heard me right. There are more than 185 chapters of the Clandestine Cake Club, “a hush-hush society for baking enthusiasts.” Can I get that on a shirt? London baking enthusiasts go underground

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