Feature :: Easy Breezy


From the outside looking in at Easy Breezy on 24th St. in Noe Valley.

I stumbled upon frozen yogurt heaven last night. I’ve walked past Easy Breezy many times, and really thought it was just another cutesie froyo place. Boy, was I wrong. The concept is the same as many standard places – self-serve frozen yogurt that’s weighed out for price – but the flavor and topping options are special. Crumbled bacon, warm peanut butter sauce, almond ro’s, cookie dough, kosher rock salt … intrigued yet?

I was lame and attempted to be healthy last night (I try to save my gluttony for weekends, who knows if that’s a good strategy or not) so just got some vanilla with berries, Belgian dark chocolate and coconut shreds, but it was delicious. They also have a special full-fat frozen custard that I can’t wait to try.

Check out this interview with Easy Breezy owner Ariel Ford for some other interesting tidbits about the place.

Easy Breezy // 4028 24th St., San Francisco

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