Weekly Must Reads

Meet France’s first married gay couple.

A 22-year-old Salvadoran woman currently in a hospital, waiting out a very high-risk pregnancy (the fetus has a severe birth defect and her health is worsening; she’s sick with lupus, hypertension and kidney disease), cannot get an abortion because its illegal. Her case was up to the Salvadoran Supreme Court, which ruled against her yesterday. She has become the newest face of the abortion battle in Latin America. Read more: Pregnant, Sick and Pressing Salvadoran Abortion Law

A really interesting piece on a sniper with PTSD. From The New YorkerIn the Crosshairs

This is cool. Former CIA agent and jailed whistleblower John Kiriakou sent a letter to a blog describing life in a corrections facility in Loretto, Pennsylvania, where he’s serving time until 2015. Read more: Life in Jail for a CIA Whistleblower, One Attempted Prison Terror Brawl at a Time

SF Weekly released its annual “Best of San Francisco” issue this week. Time to add even more places to my to-eat/drink/check-out lists…

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