Daily Must Reads

Immigration reform creeped forward this week, with a nod of approval from the Senate. An amendment allowing U.S. citizens to apply for a green card for a same-sex spouse was left out. Read more: Immigration Overhaul Wins Backing in the Senate 

As of yesterday, the Bay Area will host the 50th Super Bowl in 2016 (at the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara). Exciting. But organizers have been carefully close-lipped on the event’s potential economic impact. Granted, the news broke yesterday, but still interesting. Economic Impact from Super Bowl 50 will be (fill in the blank) 

A little late, but a collection of some newspaper front pages the day after the tornado hit in Oklahoma. The Front Pages

If I had a dollar for every time I encountered a pretentious, incredibly not helpful and unfriendly waiter in San Francisco, I’d have a small fortune. It seems like the food is so good, waiters get big heads and think they can slack on service? Who knows. Is service better outside of San Francisco?

An interesting case of copyright and digital journalism. Involving The New York Times telling Scrollkit founder Cody Brown that he infringed on a digital story published last year. The New York Times Told Me to Take This Down 

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