Daily Must Reads

Nineteen people were wounded yesterday in a shooting at a New Orleans parade. “The shooting — described by the F.B.I. as a flare-up of street violence — shattered the festive mood surrounding the parade, which drew hundreds of people to the Seventh Ward, not far from the French Quarter. Video taken in the aftermath showed victims lying on the ground, blood on the pavement and people comforting the wounded.” Read more: 19 Wounded in New Orleans Shooting

Thoughts on the “much ballyhooed unmaking of daily newspapering” in New Orleans, where the Times-Picayune (which ditched daily newspapering to go to printing three days a week and more online content) is going back to being an daily. From NYT media columnist and word genius David Carr. Newspaper Monopoly That Lost Its Grip

ABC will now live-stream its shows via an iPhone/iPad app. Next TV trend?

From The Atlantic: “Neat fact: If the federal government were to take all of the money it pours into various forms of financial aid each year, it could go ahead and make tuition free, or close to it, for every student at every public college in the country. 

Will it ever happen? Ha.” Read more: How Colleges Are Selling Out the Poor to Court the Rich

Recap of the Warriors game yesterday. Warriors exciting OT win even series

Right on the heels of my Padrecito visit this weekend, the Chron’s Michael Bauer writes about the rising trend of Mexican cuisine (“beyond taquerias”) in the city/Bay Area. (And peep some salivating photos of the tacos, much better than mine.) Padrecito signals the rise of Mexican restaurants in the Bay Area

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