Feature :: Padrecito


The illustrated cocktail menu at Padrecito in Cole Valley.

Ever since Mamacita’s sister/brother restaurant, Padrecito, opened in early March, I’ve been dying to go. I’ve always been a big Mamacita fan and Padrecito somehow sounded like it was going to be even better. I made it to the Cole Valley spot last night and was in no way disappointed.

We started with the crudo (yellowtail, mango, avocado, chipotle-agave salsita; comes with blue corn strips on the side). It was amazing, and very different from anything I’ve ever had. The chipotle maakes it slightly smoky, which was a delicious twist.

Next up: taco time. Tried the grilled arctic char (achiote rub, avocado aioli & mango/jicama slaw), duck enmermalada (black beans, mixed chicories, arbolstrawberry marmalade & dry jack) and crispy calamari (maseca dredge, ajillo aioli & chipotlechayote slaw). I strongly dislike calamari, but was told it was one of the better taco options, and it really was good. The calamari almost buttery. I could have done with less slaw though (see picture below). The char and duck were unreal. Some of of the best tacos I’ve ever had and in very different ways. You have to go try them to understand what I mean. Just do it.

The drinks weren’t anything too special; I think at these kind of places it’s always best to stick with their most basic margarita-type drink rather than go too wild with lots of ingredients that take away from simple-good tequila.

Also, check out some professionally taken pictures of the space from EaterSF: Padrecito Heats Up Cole Valley, Starting Tomorrow

Padrecito // 901 Cole St., San Francisco

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