Daily Must Reads

Another perspective on immigration reform: In Immigration Bill, Deportees See Hope for Second Chance in U.S.

But conservatives don’t! They want to kill the bill. So the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank, commissioned a study that says immigrants have inherently lower IQs than Americans/white people. Um, what? Heritage Foundation immigration study is an exercise in racism

Very quickly on the heels of Rhode Island, Delaware became the 11th state to legalize gay marriage this week. And Minnesota is set to vote today.

Politico to test a metered paywall this week in about six states and internationally. Sigh. They write: “We see this as an experiment in the truest sense, it’s something we do not have to do but want to do to get a better feel for readers’ willingness to pay for our journalism.

USC is in the midst of huge uproar over a predominantly black party that got broken up by 79 LAPD officers, some in riot gear, while a predominantly white party across the street went undisrupted. Here’s a video from the scene + an article. And from NPR: USC Students Allege Racial Profiling

Oh hi Steph Curry, it’s good to see you on the front page of The New York Times Thursday morning. Talking about beautiful teardrop shots: With Hop and Flick, Little Guys Get Upper Hand

I just love this article’s lede: “After the last tables had been cleared, the loins of lamb with mint mustard sauce devoured, the flutes of Paul Goerg premier cru brut rosé quaffed and the dinner portion of the Costume Institute gala ended, that is when things really got interesting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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