Today’s Must Reads

On the impending possibility of an online sales tax: Push to Require Sales Tax Divides G.O.P

What a story. This guy, Luis Octavio López Vega, was involved in “what is widely considered the biggest drug-trafficking case in Mexican history,” an event that inspired the movie “Traffic.” He was working for a major, very high-up-in-the-drug-world Mexican general who was arrested in 1997 by the Mexican government. So, Mexico looked at Vega as the next arrest, while the U.S. saw him as a “potential gold mine of information” and turned him into a D.E.A informant. What’s happened to him since? Amazing reporting, crazy story. A Drug War Informer in No Man’s Land

The rare time politicians get together and crack a lot of truly funny jokes: the White House Correspondent’s Dinner

I always like it when The New York Times does local food/drink coverage, though they never cover anything that hasn’t already been written about by San Francisco blogs/publications. But regardless, check out Robert Simonson on his boozy travels through San Francisco: A Bar Sprint in a Cocktail-Crazed City (He did beat me to the punch on two places that are still on my list: Bar Agricole and Trick Dog.)

I.C.Y.M.I., the Warriors DOMINATED last night. My favorite tweet of the night had to be “Steph Curry for president.” Read SFBay’s always-excellent sports coverage: Warriors seize Nuggets by the throat

In other, probably more important (sorry, Dub Nation) sports news: NBA player Jason Collins comes out as a gay in the May 6 issue of  Sports Illustrated. Pretty crazy. I love the lede: “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” Pick up the magazine or read more here: Why NBA center Jason Collins is coming out now

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