Feature :: Kabuto


I hesitate to even write this feature and put it out into the blogosphere, because I feel like Kabuto is still somewhat of a well-kept secret in the city…but I guess my uncontrollable urge to share everything I eat has overcome that.

I haven’t eaten at a ton of sushi places in San Francisco, but I honestly think Kabuto is one of, if not the best place. The fish is always fresh, the flavor combinations crazy and innovative and surprising and delicious and I have never found them at any other sushi restaurant. Hamachi with a slice of pear, a mini dollop of house curry sauce and a cranberry you say? Oh, kobe beef nigiri with raspberry-infused sauce topped with half a raspberry? They do not mess around at Kabuto.

It’s strange, because such combinations are obviously an American sushi trend, but Kabuto is much more of a traditional spot than places like Umami or the typical deep-fried-everything-slathered-in-spicy-mayo-crazy rolls that people think is good sushi. I think Kabuto is excellent because it remains true to sushi’s simple roots and still focuses on fish, but adds a little extra flair to make it into their own. You also know they’re serious sushi people when pretty much the server’s only words to you are strict instructions: “No soy sauce on this one.”

PS: They take no reservations, and there are literally six or so small tables plus a sushi bar, so the place fills up quick.

PPS: I didn’t do a touch of editing on any of the food photos. That good.

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