Banksy in SF

Though obviously my first San Francisco love is food, my second great city love is street art. Literally every time I go up to the city I find something new — on the sidewalks, graffiti, etc. So as much as I’m on the lookout for excellent food spots, I’m also always looking for cool street art, either on my own or from photos and info that other people post online. A stranger’s Instagram led me to the amazing Ocean Beach graffiti (here and here) and others have prompted me to create a list of graffiti to check out in the city.

The top of that list, for awhile now, has been occupied by a few Banksy pieces that are scattered across the city. Banksy is a world-famous British street artist, known for  provocative/political art that shows up on random walls and street corners all over the world (the most recent controversy was over a Banksy work that appeared out of nowhere in a tiny British neighborhood, only to be removed less than a week later and resurface at an auction house in Miami).

For some reason, I decided I really wanted to see this one:


Credit: Laughing Squid.

I finally stalked it down on a small, dingy side street in Chinatown (At the corner of Grant and Commercial). You can imagine my dismay when I found it:


Not that the surrounding mural isn’t cool, but it really takes away from the Banksy piece, that’s obviously been tampered with a bit anyway. Sigh. Well, the Banksy in SF search continues regardless. One down, four to go.

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