The city that eats & drinks

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An excerpt from Nolte’s column, SF Chronicle.

Though many San Franciscans will argue with that first sentence, San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte hit the nail on the nose with the second sentence. San Francisco, now more than ever, is a city that revolves around eating and drinking, at all levels – from Saison to Biergarten to El Faro – and at all hours of the day. At one point Nolte describes the San Francisco gastronomical scene as a “cult…with its own priesthood,” which I totally agree with. I’m a member of that cult and I feel bad for anyone who isn’t.

Nolte delves into the history of San Francisco’s eat-and-drinkery, from its first hotel in 1847 to opera houses and restaurants throughout the 19th century and the “barely enforced” Prohibition era in the early 1900s.

He goes on:

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 6.32.21 PMWhat a question. Good thing we’ll probably never find out.

Read more (oh wait, I hope you have access to the Chronicle’s paywall-bound website): S.F., a city of restaurants and bars

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