Openings :: Tin Pot Creamery

During a brief lunchtime stroll through Town & Country in Palo Alto (okay, I admit it, I really like going there just to check in on how construction is progressing at Gott’s), I noticed the shopping center is also getting a new ice cream spot, Tin Pot Creamery. It’s their first brick and mortar location, or “scoop shop” as they adorably call it. As of now, they offer pints for sale at various locations (SF, Larkspur) and also boast an “ice cream of the month” delivery service in the city.


With flavors like salted butterscotch with brownie, earl grey tea with shortbread and smores ice cream with homemade graham crackers and toasted marshmallows, Tin Pot is sure to be a success. I’m very excited and will surely be waiting not-so-patiently in line at their Memorial Day opening this May.

Tin Pot Creamery // 855 El Camino Real, Building 4 North, Palo Alto

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