Feature :: Rocko’s Chocolate Tacos


Rocko’s employees hard at work making custom-made dessert tacos at OTG Fort Mason.

My friends and I have been debating recently about whether or not cupcakes are fading as a trendy dessert. Are macaroons the hot new dessert of 2013? Are cupcakes here to stay? It’s yet to be determined. But the debate does beg the question: If cupcakes are out, what’s in?

My answer? Dessert tacos.

That’s right. You heard me. Dessert tacos. If you had any sort of childhood, you’ve had a Choco Taco, so you understand the concept. But what if a Bay Area mobile food stand took Choco Tacos to the next level by making to-order, custom dipped dessert tacos with organic ingredients? Well, Rocko’s Chocolate Tacos has done that. And boy, do they do it well. I had never seen the stand before Off the Grid this past weekend, but I’m incredibly happy they were there. My friends and I also got in line just in time to snag the last two taco shells available.

Here’s the deal: You choose an ice cream flavor (we got toasted coconut and kahlua coffee), which is then delicately stuffed into either a pre-made mini or standard sized sweet taco shell. It’s then submerged in your choice of “dipping option”: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate or peanut butter. (See picture below of this step in the process.) We went with dark chocolate on both of ours. The result is one of the most delicious, custom-made sweet treats I’ve ever had. They only had mini taco shells left when we got there, but I actually really liked the miniature size — similar to the advantages of getting multiple mini cupcakes instead of getting overwhelmed by one or two really large ones.

Follow Rocko’s on Twitter to find out where you can stalk them down next.

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