Off the Grid Fort Mason


A food truck gathering so epic you need a map to guide you through.

Off the Grid is basically the best thing to ever happen to anyone. Seriously. I’ve been once before to their Fort Mason Friday night dinner extravaganza, but I was with a big group of people and couldn’t fully commit to the epic food situation. But this past Friday night, me and two friends went on our own.

We literally left in a euphoric food truck coma cloud.

Yeah, the lines are long, and it’s a bit cold and foggy on a San Francisco spring night, and $12 for a food truck burger isn’t ideal, but who cares when the food is some of the best you’ve ever had. I love eating in a great restaurant just as much as the next person, but there’s something so special about eating from your hands, being outdoors with hundreds of people who care about food and getting to try a zillion different cuisines in one sitting. We tried quite a few trucks, and each was better than the next.I’m going to have to do individual features on a few of them to give them the attention and credit they deserve.

Here’s a full list of the trucks I went to, which are all more than worth checking out, even if they’re not at Off the Grid:

-Belly Burgers (pork belly burgers, the American Burger)

-Senor Sisig (Mexican, the Senor Sisig burrito)

-Fins on the Hoof (Meat, etc., pork cheek baguette)

-Little Green Cyclo (Vietnamese, garlic noodles with prawns)

-Chotto (Japanese, ramen)

-Rocko’s Chocolate Tacos (dessert tacos, coconut ice cream dipped in dark chocolate)

-Wine Bar by Quality Beverage Company (white wine)

PS: Don’t worry. More detailed description of the food is on its way in individual features. But enjoy a few general/venue pics below for now.

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