State of the Media

Everyone’s always talking about newspapers dying, apps and blogs taking over the news world with no remorse, etc. etc. I work at a newspaper, so I still firmly believe in the value, power and tradition of print media. But I also firmly believe in the different value and power of new media. So what’s up in the new and old media worlds this week?

The New York Times ran an Instagram photo of New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez as its Sunday front page centerpiece this past weekend. I myself used my iPhone to take pictures of interviewees last week, which were then cropped and ran in the print edition of the Palo Alto Weekly. Here’s an interesting article on how smartphones and apps are changing up journalism: Instagram and Vine Shake Up News Industry

This is the best sentence ever: “Vice, the still uninitiated will learn, used to be only about sex and drugs and poop…” It’s from a New York Magazine piece talking about a New Yorker media profile on Vice Media, which started as a free magazine in Montreal and is now a “capital-b Brand” with ads, tv, corporate sponsorship, a huge website, etc. Very interesting. Read the New Yorker piece: The Bad-Boy Brand

Another debate that divides new and old media-ites. From the American Journalism Review: The Email Interview Debate

Journalist Nick Beaudrot gave up Twitter for lent. Check out: his blog post on doing so, Ezra Klein’s thoughts on his doing so, and Beaudrot’s after-thoughts on doing so.

The Columbia Graduate School of Journalism’ got a new dean; Dave Carr wrote about it. Sounds boring, but Carr is never boring. He’s even got some Hogwarts metaphors in there (Columbia journ school will now be known as “Hogwarts for wizards who type.”). It also talks a lot about the benefits/challenges of new media and how journalism schools (and older/more traditional journalists, such as the new dean) are dealing. Columbia Looks Ahead in an Age of Disruption

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