Feature :: Swift Street Courtyard

A friend mentioned to me a year or so ago that she had gone wine tasting at a bunch of local warehouse wineries in Santa Cruz, which sounded pretty cool.

I kind of forgot she ever mentioned it, until this weekend when my boyfriend, who’s from Santa Cruz, and I were searching for somewhere to waste our Saturday. A simple Google search yielded what we were looking for: Swift Street Couryard, a bunch of old warehouses turned hip commercial development dedicated to sustainable, local production. Swift Street has it all – multiple wineries, Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery, Kelly’s Bakery, a yoga studio, a hot dog stand run by an adorable old man…you name it.

It was a beautiful day out, perfect for grabbing a couple wine tastings (most of them five dollars for three or four wines, pretty good deal), a beer, some grub and enjoying the sun. It’s such a cool spot and a great way to spend a day. Also, check out this interesting article from the Nieman Journalism Lab (the author is from Santa Cruz): The newsonomics of Swift Street Courtyard.

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