Feature :: La Boulange Palo Alto


Customers enjoying cups of coffee in La Boulange’s Palo Alto outpost.

I’ve always been reluctant to frequent a La Boulange because it’s such a big chain – they have 13 San Francisco and two Peninsula locations – but I was running late for work today and popped into the new(ish) Palo Alto outpost for a cup of coffee to go.

Boy, I’m glad I did.

Palo Alto’s La Boulange is full of tasty French treats, savory and sweet. The 2,600 square foot space offers many seating options, either outside on the patio, inside toward the order counter or in a great indoor atrium-like add-on with windows for walls. I was totally impressed. Not to mention, my coffee was only $2.75, which is a steal these days. I’ve definitely paid five dollars for coffee in San Francisco many times. They also had some unique baked goods – challah, whole-wheat croissants, hot cross buns – as well as all the essentials – macaroons, sticky buns, quiche and more.

Palo Alto is by no means Paris, but you can almost pretend if you order an espresso, enough macaroons and sit with your back toward busy University Ave. and your face toward a friend and one of the many French posters adorning the walls.

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