Sunday morning reads


One of my most beloved morning activities is reading a newspaper while enjoying a good cup of coffee. The best day for that activity, both in terms of how much time I have to spare and the paper I get to read, is definitely Sunday. Sunday papers are exploding with content, from my usual interests (education, food) to ones I would otherwise never explore. My go-to is The New York Times, but I also love pouring through the San Francisco Chronicle and then heading to my computer to get lost in the online news world.

So for you, my favorite reads from the Sunday New York Times‘ today. I guess it’s subjective, but whatever. Just enjoy. PS: Nothing compares to reading Sunday papers, or any day for that matter, in print. Get out there and buy a real newspaper. I dare you.

An interesting perspective on the upcoming same-sex marriage decisions, right on time. The Supreme Court will hear two cases on Tuesday and Wednesday. Shadow of Roe v. Wade Looms Over Ruling on Gay Marriage

New York mayor Michael R. Bloomberg begins a $12 million national gun control advertising campaign with the goal of urging senators to pass federal gun regulations. Bloomberg’s TV Blitz on Guns Puts Swing Senators on the Spot

This is a cool story. In the midst of all the hoopla about freelancers in the journalism world is this profile on the Freelancers Union, a Brooklyn-based “federation for the unaffiliated ” its website reads. The union provides freelancers, temporary workers, contractors, etc. health care and other protections that their employers don’t. Tackling Concerns of Independent Workers

And the Texas Monthly, a magazine on Texas life, announces its first-ever barbecue editor, a one-of-a-kind position in the American magazine world. Amazing.  A Tireless Connoisseur of Texas Barbecue Gets Ready for the Main Course

I love these kinds of stories. It’s literally about staplers. In the Sunday New York Times. Staplers. I wonder how that story got pitched…But it’s a good one, about how so many paper-related accoutrements have been replaced by a digital counterpart. Except staplers. The Attachment That Still Makes Noise

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