Feature :: Nopa


The view from above at Nopa on Divisadero.

Ah. The ever-elusive Nopa. I finally got a dinner reservation at the restaurant that everyone seems to be dying to go to. And for good reason. The food? Delicious, well-prepared, not overdone, not pretentious, simple but different enough to impress. The ambiance? So cool. They serve dinner till 1 a.m. so people were still happily grubbing and eating at almost every table by the time we left around midnight. The space? Beautiful high ceilings, amazing second floor (see view from above, above), open kitchen, huge windows.

We started with a great bottle of Willamette Valley white wine (Willamette is in Eugene, OR and my boyfriend’s father taught me to always order anything from that region. It never fails to deliver and it’s pretty uncommon, so it’s always cool when a place has it on their wine menu.) They also have cocktails named after Wu-Tang Clan songs. So you know they’re good. Food-wise, we got the flat bread with spicy fennel sausage, mushrooms, green garlic cream and mustard greens; wood-baked butter beans, feta, oregano pesto and breadcrumbs; grilled Bread, avocado, capers, olives and pantaleo; burger with fries and a side of roasted cauliflower, carrots, honey and mint. All unreal. I think the avocado bread (hunking slice of grilled bread slathered in avocado and a citrusy salad on top) and roasted cauliflower/carrots were my favorites (so simple but the honey really did me in). But who knows. And since one meal is never enough, I’m now determined to get in for a Nopa brunch as soon as possible. Wish me luck.

Nopa // 560 Divisadero St. // Monday through Sunday 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.

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