Daily Must Reads

The best thing by far that I’ve read in the aftermath of the Lil Wayne deathbed/hospitalization debacle: Much Ado About Sizzurp. The article is about how being addicted to sizzurp as an alternative to stigmatized drugs like crack or heroin that are perceived as more serious or controversial is not actually less serious or controversial. “Just because you don’t use a needle to shoot heroin doesn’t mean you can’t get addicted to codeine syrup just as badly, especially if you’re drinking it all day and night to escape the reality of sitting on a corner selling crack,” Jeff Deeney writes. “Not smoking crack doesn’t mean you don’t suffer its consequences.” Great line. And you can’t beat that headline.

Finally! Some decently good news for twenty-somethings: Why Twenty-Somethings Aren’t Doomed to Be Poor (But Thirty-Somethings Might Be). Sorry, thirty-somethings.

Excuse my Atlantic obsession and do yourself a favor – look at part two of a three part photo essay commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War. For part one, click here and if you’re so inclined, head to the Atlantic website tomorrow for part three. Iraq War’s 10th Anniversary: Occupation and Insurgency

First The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and now The Washington Post. Paywalls all around. This summer, the Washington Post will start charging readers who want to see more than 20 articles online. L.A.-based Daily Variety is also running its last print edition this week. Good thing I just started a new job at a newspaper…



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