Weekly Must Reads

As promised, the latest on the NYU/John Sexton/vote of no confidence: Faculty voted 52 percent for and 39 percent against no-confidence. However, the university’s board of trustees responded by passing a resolution of support for the NYU president, complicating the passage of the no-confidence motion. Check out this Bloomberg story, plus official responses from Sexton and the board.

And across the country at a college with much less money but equally – or arguably more so – troubling problems is CCSF. Today was the school’s official accreditation report deadline, by which the administration was supposed to address 14 major problems identified by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. Not all 14 have been fixed yet, but CCSF faculty, staff, students and local supporters are hoping the school will be placed on probational status in order to continue working on things. Yikes. From KQED: City College of San Francisco Fights for Its Future. From a CCSF student (and published by the San Francisco Chronicle) eights steps the school must take in order to save itself from closure: CCSF needs to put students first

In more uplifting San Francisco news, the city’s bars were featured in a New York Times article this week: The City by the Bars. The author went to 20 bars in four days (including one yours truly has already visited) and concluded with this thought: “San Francisco may be flush with locavores and dot-commers, but I was reminded that it’s still deeply rooted in its strange gritty, boozy history.” I mean, anyone who lives out here already knows that, but it is an excellently strange and boozy culture that lives on in the city’s thriving bar scene. A few spots on my to-check-out list? Bar Agricole, AbsintheTrick Dog and The Alembic (which was in the NYT article), to name a few.

Not a “read,” but equally interesting: this interactive documenting the U.S.-Mexican border, created from reader-submitted photographs.

I just like this concept. The best sentences we read today, from Wonkblog. What were the best sentences you read today?


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