Weekend Must Reads

More on the Nate Thayer-sparked firestorm over working for free in the journalism world, from an Atlantic senior editor who got his start by writing for the magazine for free online. If you do anything, read the last paragraph. Lucrative Work For-Free Opportunity

An Atlantic associate editor (sorry, got caught up on their website last night) writes about education: “The price of a degree has been going up faster than family incomes for decades now, and nobody has a clear fix yet. So rather than bemoan college costs like most days, I thought we could have some fun mulling over a radical solution: What if Washington just went ahead and made tuition at state schools free (or close to it)?” It might seem totally crazy and unrealistic, but is it? Read more: How Washington Could Make College Tuition Free (Without Spending a Penny More on Education)

LAST Atlantic article, I promise. This one gets into how prescription drug abuse is most common among privileged white kids. According to the article, kids born between 1984 and 1990 abuse painkillers 40 percent more than any other age group or era before them. This one really resonated with me, as I personally know many privileged white kids who, for some reason or another, have fallen down the dark hole of prescription drug addiction. Really interesting read, very well-written. The Existential Pain of Being Young, White, and Affluent

The president of my could-have-been alma mater, New York University, has long been criticized for his insanely huge expansion plans  – taking over the West Village, establishing NYU campuses and “study centers” literally all over the world, proposing NYU 2031, a plan to build six million square feet of facilities all over New York City – and basically running the university more as if it was a corporation than a place of learning. When I went there for my first two years of college (2008-2010), Dr. John Sexton’s plans – and subsequent criticism from students, faculty, neighbors, etc. – hadn’t quite peaked yet, but both were definitely present and have only intensified since then. So what has been building for years will finally come to fruition this week, when the faculty of NYU’s College of Arts and Science (the largest school) will take a vote of no confidence, which basically means the faculty can vote to say that Dr. Sexton is no longer fit to serve as president. Really crazy that this is happening. Read this New York Times article, this NYU Local story and watch for what happens this week. Or just come back to B&M to get filled in.

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