Weekly Must Reads

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez died yesterday afternoon, after a long battle with cancer. He was 58 years old. I don’t know too much about Venezuela or its recently departed president, but it’s definitely worth finding out more now and watching where the country goes without its very charismatic leader (and very beloved – schools across the country have been closed for a week and seven days of official mourning are in effect). From The New York Times: Chávez Dies, Leaving Behind sharp Divisions in Venezuela and For Good or Ill, Chávez Altered How Venezuela Views Itself

TIME Magazine’s cover story this week is about Oscar Pistorious, the South African runner who legs were both amputated below the knee before he turned one who, up until last month, was most famous for winning two Paralympic gold medals in the 2012 Olympics and running in two Olympic races. Now, he is most famous for killing another South African icon, model Reeva Steenkamp. Their story is interesting, but even more so is the incredibly divided and unequal South African society. I urge you to read: Pistorious and South African’s Culture of Violence

The gentrification of San Francisco seems to be the new hot topic in the area. There’s a lot being written about it, but I think who different journalists interview and what neighborhoods are focused on makes (almost) every article an interesting read. This one is from SF Weekly, and talks about how 24th Street in the Mission is looking less and less like the Latino-centric, gritty, low-rent street of the past. How and why is that happening? The Continuing Evolution of 24th Street

And another hot topic: online education. One example of the not-so-pretty side of the phenomenon: Cyber High leaves students unprepared

Miss the Bay Lights grand lighting ceremony last night? I, unfortunately, had to watch via livestream on my computer. Not  nearly as cool as in person, I’m sure. If you were in the same predicament, check out SFGate story’s for photos and more info on the event and project itself, which will be running for the next two years from dusk to 2 a.m. LED display puts Bay Bridge in new light

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