Daily Must Reads

Anyone keeping up with the Banksy mural auction story? Really interesting. Basically, Banksy (famous British graffiti artist/political activist, if you live in L.A. you’ve seen his stuff on some walls somewhere) created a mural called “Slave Labour” that depicts a black-and-white young boy crouched over a machine, making in-color British flags. The kicker is that the mural was placed in a pretty ho-dunk British borough called Haringey and residents were obviously very excited and proud to have it there. But, it disappeared after only one day, and only to reappear at an auction in Miami selling for $500,000 to $700,000. Check out Friday’s New York Times’ article on the full story (love the headline): Borough Searches for Missing Boy, Last Seen on Wall

Watch out Prop. 8, your days might be numbered. Support for overturning California’s law against gay marriage is rapidly gaining momentum, most recently with the commander in chief himself stepping in to endorse marriage equality. Check out a more general L.A. Times article on the news and a more nuanced/detailed New Yorker blog post.

Live in the Bay Area? You probably heard about the tragic shooting in Santa Cruz this week. It’s a pretty complex story that goes back multiple years to multiple places and much more has come out as the week went on. Visit the Santa Cruz Sentinel website for many very comprehensive stories.

Oh, and the sequester is probably happening today and I still don’t fully understand it. If you’re in my boat, check out this Mother Jones article: The Sequester, Explained

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