Weekly Must Reads

Big step forward for gay marriage equality and a big in-your-face to John Boehner. 75 major Republicans – including top advisers to former President George W. Bush and, gasp,  former California gubernatorial candidate and staunch conservative Meg Whitman (who campaigned for Prop. 8 when she ran for governor) – signed a legal brief in support of gay marriage on Monday. This could not come at a better time in the fight for gay rights. The lawyers representing the two couples challenging Prop. 8 in California submitted their own brief to the Supreme Court last week, saying they hoped the administration would follow suit and file a brief of their own in support.

Ah, the sequester. Looming and confusing. How badly will the cuts hurt?

San Francisco Magazine on the man behind the merge of three major SF publications (SF Weekly, the Bay Guardian and the Examiner): An Unholy Union?

So much for thinking that moving back to the Bay Area from L.A. would save me from sitting in traffic everywhere I go. SF ties L.A. for second worst traffic in America

Very interesting profile on a photographer who, after some problems (a.k.a getting his press pass revoked) goes to A-list events not to document celebrities, but fellow paparazzi. He calls it his “civil rights campaign.” I also love the headline: The Rebel at the Velvet Rope

I can’t WAIT to eat at Ramen Shop in Oakland. And as if I needed more motivation, SF Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer reviewed the spot this week. Get ready to drool. Ramen Shop a hot spot in Oakland

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