The sun always shines on the Mission

Well, it’s official. Vogue has dubbed the Mission “San Francisco’s hottest neighborhood.” Is it gentrification, or something else?

An excerpt:

Throughout its colourful history, the city has always been Valhalla for the offbeat and early adopters; typically, in every age, one of its neighbourhoods has risen up to encapsulate the zeitgeist. The Beat Generation’s North Beach, the Summer of Love in the Haight-Ashbury and Harvey Milk’s Castro are all now as postcard-familiar as the city’s iconic Golden Gate and painted Victorian-era houses. The next to take its place in this influential pantheon is the Mission. Not long ago it was unimaginable that the flat, somewhat blighted and largely working class Latino area would evolve into the city’s most dynamic community and destination for creativity across many disciplines. It is too simple to put its evolution down to a textbook case of gentrification; yes, the cafes that now live beside the taquerías and dive bars emit an ‘Apple glow’, but there is something that is very true to San Francisco’s strongly subversive spirit that is manifesting itself in the Mission. Once again, a San Franciscan village is emitting a magnetic force as a centre for original thought and eccentric enterprise.

The article was penned by a Vogue Living Australia contributing editor who moved to the city three years ago. Guess what neighborhood he lives in?

The article offers a very interesting, detailed take on the evolution of the Mission, accompanied by some great photos. There’s a lot more to the story than hipsters, an elitist coffee culture and the throngs of people at Dolores Park. Read the article in full here. (Even if you don’t read the whole thing, make sure you skip to the end for 1) a great list of places to eat, drink & see in the Mission and 2) the last two sentences, my favorites of the whole piece.)

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