Feature :: Little Vine


Whilst doing some SF exploration today, my friend and I ended up parking right by an adorable wine/cheese/treats shop, Little Vine, on Grant in North Beach and had to head in. She had heard of it before, I had not. I didn’t make any purchases (we had just been to Bi-Rite, so I think I had already overdosed on artisan food goods) but I can’t wait to go back when I’m on the hunt for a special bottle of wine. The store itself is charming, with beautiful, well-organized displays of wine bottles, pasta, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, coffee beans, etc. Not to mention the delicious cheese smell. It reminds me a lot of a store you’d wander into in Paris. And coincidentally, Europe is where the owners got the idea for Little Vine. From their website:

The idea for Little Vine started many years ago while living in Europe, where we fell in love with the little shops that inhabited every corner. From cheese shops to tahe local butcher or green grocer, there was a quaint feeling of specialized service captured in the spirit of these shops. This feeling was also present in North Beach many years ago, and at Little Vine we try to bring a little piece of that back.

They also offer a free wine tasting every Thursday night from 5 to 7 p.m., which I hope to go to at one point. Well worth a visit. Enjoy my photos below and visit their gallery to get more of a taste for Little Vine.

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  1. Thanks for the write up and for taking such beautiful pics of our shop! All the best – Jay and Melissa (from Little Vine).

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