Daily Must Reads

As if the job market wasn’t dim enough, many companies are now requiring a B.A. for even the lowest level of jobs, such as secretary or courier. But don’t worry! At a law firm in Atlanta, one file clerk worked her way up to paralegal within less than a year. Sigh. Is that the new success story? From The New York Times: It Takes a B.A. to Find a Job as a File Clerk

A new survey released Wednesday indicates that Stanford set a record high for fundraising: $1 billion in a single year, to be exact. Sure, that’s impressive, but the survey reveals something much more important. It says that 3,500 U.S. colleges and universities collected $31 billion in the fiscal year 2012. However, the distribution of donations across U.S. colleges and universities is incredibly unequal, with the top 10 colleges (0.3 percent of the total surveyed) bringing in 17 percent of that $31 billion. From SFBay: Stanford rakes in record-setting dollars

And more in the education world, a pessimistic NYT editorial on online education: The Trouble with Online College

Live in San Francisco and love Mexican food? You’ve probably been to or heard of Tacolicious, which opened it’s first outside-of-San-Francisco location yesterday in downtown Palo Alto. I headed over to the opening early, snapped some photos and spoke with manager (and previous executive chef who’s been with Tacolicious since they were a stand at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market) Telmo Faria and owner Joe Hargrave. Check it out: Tacolicious throws open its Palo Alto doors

Congress’ approval rate is up one point from January, with 15 percent of Americans feeling good about the Congress is handling things. A whopping 8 in 10, however, are not feeling so hot. From a new Gallup poll: Congress approval rating holding steady at 15%

What in the world is going on with the Warriors? They lost to the Jazz last night 115-101, sealing a six game losing streak. From the San Francisco Chronicle: Warriors fall to Jazz, skid hits 6

Also, more on the Warriors but less on the sports front: Warriors arena would block beauty of bay

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