Daily Must Reads

A little late, but take a look…

NYT’s “The Lede” blog with up-to-date info on the Dorner manhunt in L.A., because conflicting reports have been confusing as hell: Updates on Christopher Dorner Manhunt. Part of the reason they were so confusing, at least for me, was the many tweets – all from credible news sources – that were all saying totally different things. Check out this MediaBistro article on how the media needs to stop guessing and set standards for live-tweeting breaking news.

Missed the State of the Union? Watch some highlights here or read this article: 6 highlights from President Obama’s address. I think a seventh highlight should be the president’s education proposals, among which were creating universal preschool, asking Congress to reform the Higher Education Act “so that affordability and value are included in determining which colleges receive certain types of federal aid,” and urging U.S. high schools to include more professional training to prepare students for a high tech economy. For more on education and the State of the Union, read this Inside Higher Ed article.

“What do computer programmers and illegal immigrants have to do with each other?” Not my favorite lede in the world, but the answer is very interesting. A whole ‘nother part of the immigration reform discussion: Silicon Valley and Immigrant Groups Find Common Cause

Live in California? Watch out for atrociously high gas prices. And in San Francisco, possibly seemingly atrocious but actually pretty run of the mill BART fare hikes.

On the lighter side of things, if you live in or know San Francisco, you’ll get a laugh out of this Craigslist ad.

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