Weekly Must Reads

Apparently “permatern” (permanent intern) is now official slang. An article on young intelligent, successful people who can land internships, but not a desirable job: The Age of the Permanent Intern

In California education news, City College of San Francisco is struggling to secure accreditation because of its failure to meet certain financial and academic standards. Officials have to file a report by March that shows improvement, otherwise the school’s doors could close by June. A seriously complex issue and one that could have very big repercussions for local high school and current City College students. Supporters rally to save City College

Also, lots of online expansion in California ed: CSU classrooms expand online

I don’t know much about this topic, but it’s incredibly interesting: veterans receiving benefits. Apparently the U.S. Department of Affairs has been under fire for not helping veterans soon enough, so it set a goal to make sure 40 percent of veterans would wait no longer than four months for an answer on compensation claims. However, the problem has only gotten worse. From the Center for Investigative Reporting/Bay Citizen: Despite VA pledge to improve, more veterans face long wait for benefits (Inspiring fact: A Bay Area veteran who waited more than two years on a disability claim received $45,000 in retroactive benefits after the story.)

If you’re from the Bay Area or like rap or both, take a listen this KQED interview with rapper and producer Lyrics Born. I had no idea he had such a connection to the area. He even “wrote” an ebook called “Yes, Bay Area,” — a collection of a bunch of his tweets about being in the Bay. Great listen.

On the East Coast stuck in storm Nemo (ridiculous name, by the way) or need some rainy day plans? From Thought Catalog: 17 Things To Do If You’re Snowed In

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